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Aimee Rivera Cole   - House District 37

Aimee Rivera Cole

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Aimee is from Fishers.

She is a Senior Attorney at Travelers Staff Counsel.

She served as Membership Chair of the Sagamore Inn of Courts from 2015-2017, Vice-President of the Sagamore Inn of Courts from 2017-2019 and President, since 2019

She served as Treasurer of Fishers Gridiron 2016-2019; and Treasurer of HSE Girls Lacrosse since 2019.

"We have an opportunity with each election to decide what kind of state we want to be.

I want my children (and hopefully one day my grandchildren) to know that I did everything I could to try protect our public education system which is being starved into failure.

I want them to know that I fought to make sure Indiana is a place where women have control of their own reproductive health and that all Hoosiers have the same opportunities to contribute to their community regardless of race, gender, religion, or who they love.

I want common sense gun laws enacted so that all Hoosier children feel safe when they go to school and no parent ever has to experience the horror of another school shooting report.

I want my children to know that nothing can prevent them from trying to fight for the change that they want to see in this world.

In 2018, I earned more than 45 % of the vote - much more than many expected. I also learned a lot about myself and about my community. I have an amazing family and wonderful friends who went above and beyond to help me. Politics is not theoretical, but rather quite personal. People in my community didn’t care whether I was a Democrat or Republican. They wanted someone who listened to them, who understood the challenges we face day to day in our community, and who wanted to make our community better, safer and stronger. And, after knocking on thousands of doors, it became clear that all Hoosiers want essentially the same things; for our families to be happy, healthy, safe, and nearby.

As your State Representative, I will:

Work to ensure our public schools have the resources they need

  • Stop allowing tax dollars to fund private schools that discriminate against students or teachers
  • Reduce voucher eligibility and increase oversight on charter, voucher, and virtual schools
  • Make sure teachers earn a living wage

Work to ensure that abortions are safe, legal, and rare

  • I will work to ensure that women have access to affordable health care, sex education, birth control,  affordable day care, and paid maternity leave.

Work to pass a meaningful Hate Crimes bill that with a full enumerated list of protected characteristics and traits including: age, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.

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