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Alyssa Bailey  - House District 62

Alyssa Bailey

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Born in Indiana and raised in a rural community with her two siblings, Alyssa Bailey learned early on the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance. After facing loss and hardship during her teenage years, Alyssa still managed to graduate in the top 10% of her high school class.

Alyssa's hard work, academic fortitude, and leadership abilities helped her graduate with her B.S. in Education from Indiana State University, where she met her husband, Chase Bailey. While at ISU, Alyssa served in the Army National Guard. She served for 6 years before taking a break in service to start a family. Alyssa and Chase have a son and daughter. Upon graduation, Chase accepted a position at Crane, which brought the Baileys to Greene County.

While in Greene County, Alyssa has taught Special Education at WRV Elementary for the past 6 years. In October of 2018, Alyssa joined the Air Force Reserves as an Intelligence Analyst and continues to serve today. Her dedication to her students inspired her to complete her Master's Degree in Special Education from Purdue University in 2019, graduating among the top of her class, all while teaching full-time and supporting a mission set at Grissom Air Reserve Base.

Today, Alyssa wants to serve as your voice at the Indiana Statehouse. A voice that echoes your concerns. A voice that matters. A voice that cares. Let your voice be heard...Vote Alyssa Bailey for State Rep District 62!

My Goals:

  • Give a voice back to our district Support our children, families, and schools
  • Bring back local control to our communities
  • Focus on preparing students for the workforce/career development and less focus on testing
  • Support job growth, economic development, local businesses, and industries
  • Ensure healthcare is local, accessible, and affordable for our families

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