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Amy Burke Adams   - House District 42

AMy Burke Adams

Amy is a Moderate Democrat who has a proven track record of public service. Amy will provide Trusted Leadership for District 42.

Amy’s legislative priorities are:

Revitalizing the Economy of District 42

  • Protecting and expanding our existing business partners
  • Attracting new businesses bringing good paying jobs with benefits
  • Bringing back home more tax dollars from the state to invest in our infrastructure
  • Expanding reliable internet access to rural areas of District 42
  • Working in partnership with Labor Unions
  • Repeal the Right To Work law - Right To Work states have a lower average income per worker than Union states
  • Close the Skills Gap - Indiana has jobs for thousands of skilled workers in technology and related areas, but lacks skilled workers for these jobs

Supporting Public Education & Teachers in the Classroom

  • Ensuring our public schools are fully funded
  • Advocating for teachers to be compensated properly and respected as professionals
  • Providing teachers & schools the tools they need to be successful - Great schools develop future skilled employees who attract businesses and enhance economic growth
  • Ensuring public tax dollars fund public schools, not private charter schools
  • Restore the Teacher Bargaining Rights
  • Restore the incentive law for teachers to get additional college degrees to become better teachers
  • Restore the salary step law to provide teachers with a small increase in salary each year for the first few years to keep teachers from being hired away from teaching and preventing a teacher shortage
  • Eliminate the ISTEP and ILEARN student tests, which require the teachers to ‘teach to the test’
  • Repeal the law that ties student achievement with teacher evaluation

Supporting Public Health while reducing the costs of health care & prescriptions

  • Providing access to health care in rural areas
  • Ensuring health care and prescription costs are affordable and transparent
  • Fully funding Public Health
  • Indiana’s participation in the Affordable Care Act is actually a combination of the ACA and Indiana’s Healthy Indiana Plan. Indiana is among the states who have done the least to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s gains. Indiana needs to fully embrace the ACA so people who desperately need health insurance, but cannot afford it, can take full advantage of the ACA.

Amy is:

  • A retired United States Department of Justice supervisory federal law enforcement officer, serving for 21 years. She is dedicated to serving the community.
  • A recipient of the Sanford Bates Award, the Bureau of Prisons highest award which recognizes a nonsupervisory employee for exceptionally outstanding service, or for incidents involving extraordinary courage, or voluntary risk of life.
  • A former public high school teacher & member of the National Education Association.
  • A current Clay Community School Corporation Board Member since 2010.
  • A current Clay Community School Corporation Legislative Liaison.
  • A current Clay County Redevelopment Commission Member for CCSC.
  • A former member of AFL-CIO, CPL 33, Local 720 Executive Board.
  • A volunteer for Clay County Youth Food Delivery Program.
  • A supporter of law enforcement & first responders, public schools & teachers, farmers & ranchers, business owners and workers of District 42.
  • A former advocate for Veterans employed by Federal Bureau of Prisons and recruiter of military personnel for Federal Agencies.
  • A member of National Rifle Association.
  • A member of Indiana Farm Bureau.
  • A Graduate of Indiana State University, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education.
  • A Graduate of McDaniel College, earning a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction
  • A Native Hoosier, having grown up in Terre Haute and currently living in Brazil, Indiana with her husband of 25 years. They have a hobby farm with small livestock.

Amy would be honored to serve as your State Representative - Working for you in District 42

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