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Angela Elliott   - House District 93

Angela Elliott

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Angela is a life-long Hoosier.  She was raised in rural Indiana.  Then, attended Indiana University in Bloomington, where she studied computer science and business.  After graduating, she moved to the south side of Indy to begin her career as an IT Professional at Eli Lilly and Company.  She held various program management, consulting and leadership positions in her 21 year tenure there.  She has also worked as an independent business consultant and trainer.  She continues to reside with her husband and her two children on the southside of Indy.

"I'm running for State Representative for district #93, because I'm a concerned citizen and want to make a difference for my children and all Hoosiers.  I also want to practice what I preach:  when you are concerned, get engaged and do something about it.  Our report card in Indiana on Education, Employment, Environment and Equality for All needs improvement.  I care deeply about these four issues and am ready to work to make a difference.  I want to take my professional skills and passion for serving others to the General Assembly to work on policy and legislation that will move Indiana forward, for my children and for all Hoosiers.

The current legislature is not serving ALL of the people of Indiana. We need more balance in our legislature to ensure the best ideas are debated to get to the best solutions for all of us. We also need more balance to bring back accountability. Politics as usual and complacency are not serving our citizens and communities. Not only are Democrats underrepresented in our state legislature, women are underrepresented, as well.  I wholeheartedly believe that more diversity in perspective in the statehouse will bring about solutions that better serve more of us. We MUST do better.

I've served as a precinct committee person and state delegate.  These have been great learning opportunities.  I'm ready to do more to impact major issues that affect the quality of life for Hoosiers.  I want Indiana to be a place where my children and yours, and all Hoosiers, can thrive.  Excellence in public education, good job opportunities, protection of our air, water, and soil, and equality for ALL people are critical to our future and will enable Hoosiers to thrive.

My promise to you is that I will work hard to listen, to learn, and to act in the best interests of the people of district #93 and our state.  We MUST do better.  Let's work together and make it happen!"

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