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Belinda Drake   - Senate District 32

Belinda Drake

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Belinda lives in Indianapolis.

She began working as a Project Manager at Covance Laboratories in 2016.  Previously, she worked as an Intern for US Congressman Andre Carson. She was raised in Gary, Indiana, but moved to Indianapolis 2004, where she attended IUPUI on a basketball scholarship and earned a BA in Political Science and Legal Studies.

"I think we heal ourselves by helping other people overcome adversities.  I want to be an ally and a voice to the local queer community because I know that others have  difficult stories like mine.  I will work to pass a hate crimes bill that protects Hoosiers from crimes motivated by age, sex, and gender identity.

  • I will work to decriminalize marijuana, to support our farmers, and create tax revenue to support improved infrastructure
  • I will work election reform, including same day voter registration, extended polling hours, and more voting locations
  • I will support access to Pre-K and higher education for under-served communities
  • I will support a livable minimum for all Hoosiers
  • I will support access to health care, expansion of Medicaid, and adjusting eligibility guidelines based on real-world wages and costs of living
  • I support common-sense gun regulation that includes expanded background checks, closing gun show and red flag loop holes, requiring gun safety training, child access prevention laws, and research into effective gun violence protection policies. to protect those who are a danger to themselves or others
  • I will fight for environmental justice
  • I will support plans for sustainable development and jobs that ensure our water and wilderness are protected

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