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Deb Porter   - House District 4

Deb Porter

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"As a lifelong educator and civic leader, I believe Valparaiso needs leadership in the state legislature, one who is in touch with the needs of residents."

Education is just one very important piece of Indiana’s economic prosperity puzzle. Since 2013, Indiana’s infant mortality rate has dropped to 50th in the nation. Poor education funding has created a serious teacher shortage. And on top of all that, the state is 51st across the U.S. in access to early childhood education. In addition, Indiana has seen wages fall as union jobs that pay a living wage are lost, offset by an increase in low-paying, non-union job opportunities.

It’s time for a change to make Indiana work for all Hoosiers.

Deb Porter just completed a four-year term on the Valparaiso City Common Council. Porter has served as a member of the Porter County Library Board, president of the Portage Association of Teachers, on committees with the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) and been a delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly. Currently, Porter serves as Vice-President of the Board of Directors for Hilltop Neighborhood House in Valparaiso, and volunteers with both the Valparaiso Community Theatre Guild and Valparaiso Theatrical Company. An ordained minister, Porter is currently completing certification in Inclusion and Diversity through Cornell University.

In 2015, Deb was elected to serve on the Valparaiso City Council as an At-Large member. Currently, Deb serves on the Board for Hilltop Neighborhood House as Vice President and works to further the services offered there through fundraising as well as strategic planning.

She volunteers for both the Valparaiso Theatrical Company and Community Theatre Guild at Chicago Street Theatre, serving in a variety of capacities. She is a member of Faith Lutheran Church in Valparaiso where she directs the choir, leads Bible studies, sings and plays organ or piano as needed. Deb has been self employed as a piano teacher, a book seller, and has worked in public and private schools as both an elementary teacher and a music teacher.

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