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Julie Morgan Snider   - House District 33

Julie Morgan Snider

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Born in East Central Indiana, I’ve been been guided by the Hoosier values that are so important to so many of us. I attended Ball State University where I began my studies in Social Studies Education. Soon thereafter I met the love of my life, Chris Snider, and we settled in the Selma area to raise our family. I’m a lifelong member of St. Lawrence Church in Muncie, Indiana, and our three children - Maggie, Luke, and Abby - all attended Wapahani High School. In the Spring and Summer, Chris and I have the most fun traveling to different major league ballparks!

Chris and I were deeply involved in our children’s lives as they grew up. Maggie was an outstanding basketball and softball player, Luke was a member of the state champion baseball team, and Abby was a conference champion in golf. In the last few years, Maggie and her husband have blessed us with two grandchildren. Seeing my children start their own families has helped me realize that all that time and energy I had poured into raising children now represented an opportunity to serve in new capacity.

As a government teacher, I’ve always taught service and citizenship to my students and running for office has long been a dream of mine. This campaign is one of my most important lesson plans, as I hope my candidacy will show my students how our democracy is only as strong as those that participate. My commitment to service has led me to into opportunities as a coach, as a class sponsor, a debate club, a student advisory board sponsor, teachers’ association building representative, and department chair. My efforts to get students out and engaged by attending local government meetings has helped me to twice be named as a city council Citizen of the Month.

While the Red for Ed movement and years of poorly conceived education policy from our legislature certainly contributed to my decision to seize this moment, my candidacy is about so much more. Simply put, my aims are to protect, energize, and grow East Central Indiana.

I appreciate you taking the time to learn more of my story and I hope you’ll connect to our campaign so that I best represent your vision for East Central Indiana in our state legislature.

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