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Laura Fred-Smith   - Senate District 18

Laura Fred-Smith

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Laura is a lifetime Hoosier from Logansport.

She earned a Bachelor's degree in Education from IU Kokomo and a Masters' degree from WGU in School Building Management.

She has taught Middle School and High School Science for almost twenty years.

"My husband and I have been together for twenty four years and have two sons. I have been an active member in the local ISTA and have sponsored many school clubs to allow students opportunities to enhance their educational experience. Many students learn as much about themselves and collaboration with their peers from school clubs as they do from their academic work.

In my community I have helped coach youth league soccer, lead local boy scouts, and support fundraising for the high school band. It takes a community working together to make our schools work.

My father was a pastor at a small United Methodist Church. Each one of my three brothers as well as my husband are union contractors. Our family includes carpenters, electricians, sheet metal workers and sprinkling technicians. We can't drive down a street in Lafayette without someone saying "I helped build that".

I am running because I got tired of seeing the Republican supermajority pass bill after bill that harms working Hoosiers. From Right to Work legislation to the myriad of bills that are direct attacks on Public Education, the Indiana General assembly has not been working for the average Hoosier. As a teacher, I wanted to help change the direction the state is heading with regard to schools. As a daughter, wife, and sister of union workers, I want to restore common construction wages and repeal right to work. As a DECENT human being, I want to protect our most vulnerable Hoosiers and ensure we all have access to mental health services and wages above $7.25 an hour. I decided that it was time to stop talking about it and time to start Being about it."

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