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Loretta Barnes   - House District 13

Loretta Barnes

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I am a mom, a Marketing Manager, and a citizen who wants to make a difference in Indiana. I am running as the Democratic candidate for Indiana State House of Representatives for District 13. I believe that the best way to prepare our communities for future challenges is to have representatives who work together to put the needs of people over political agendas. Our General Assembly works best when there is a balance of differing opinions. A supermajority silences common ground. We must pull from the strength that comes from discussing diverse ideas. Let ALL the voices of our community help shape a better future.

Why Should You Vote for Me?

  • I am honest and will stand by what I say.
  • I have integrity and believe in doing no harm.
  • I am passionate and determined to make life better for people. I think we can figure this out if we just encourage the brilliance in each other.
  • I believe in the American dream for all Americans.
  • I have experience with the demands of manufacturing and believe it is the key to keeping Indiana's economy growing.
  • I am organized and dedicated.
  • I have been a part of the working class and the middle class, so I know how financial concerns can shape what’s important to you.
  • I am good at seeing multiple viewpoints and working with people to find a common ground.
  • I believe the foundation of all laws should be that all people are equal, no matter their race, religion, gender or sexual preference.
  • I will always value people’s needs over corporations. I will always value your health over money. I will always value you over the politics.
  • Because I see all people as important and valuable. Whether you are a CEO or a fast food worker. Your position and money do not define your worth.
  • I will be a voice for the factory worker, the farmer, the student, the teacher, the nurse, the doctor – a voice for all.
  • Because I have hope that we all will come together to create a better world for our children.
  • I will take the time to give thoughtful consideration to the different views of the people before signing off on bills.
  • I have years of experience at brainstorming ideas with a group and piecing together the aspects of different ideas to come up with inspiring results.
  • I will work to help raise incomes of hardworking Hoosiers and pursue innovative ways to create good‐paying jobs that will help move us into the future.
  • I believe it is paramount that we protect those most vulnerable – children, the elderly, and veterans.
  • I believe we should incentivize employers to provide good wages and good benefits.
  • I will fight for equal pay for women.
  • I support expanding broadband into rural areas to help make rural businesses more competitive and to help students have access to do their online homework.
  • I will protect the rights of Americans with disabilities, so they get the support they need to lead happy productive lives.
  • I believe every worker owes a debt of gratitude to unions who have fought for higher wages, better benefits and safer working environments.
  • I believe we need to remove the stigma of mental illness and increase mental health services in our schools, for our vets and for our police officers.
  • I will fight for criminal justice reform.
  • I will stand up for you.

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