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Tabitha Bartley   - Senate District 7

Tabitha Bartley

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Tabitha is a disabled veteran who served eight years in the Marine Corps. She is looking to bring her public relations and leadership experience to the local community in need of a self-driven communicator focused on delivering results.

She is an expert at fostering and driving relationships needed to initiate, develop and implement organizational change. A proven leader and critical thinker that is action-driven with impact across multiple enterprise.

“I moved back to Indiana to be a part of the change,” said Bartley. “I wanted to return to my community to make an impact. I mastered servant leadership in the Marine Corps and want to bring that same leadership to Indiana.”

Tabitha is a member of the Disabled American Veterans Chapter 28, a trained sexual assault victim advocate and an advocate for the female veteran community. She was born and raised in Lafayette, IN and now resides in Monticello, IN with her husband and three children.

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