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Our MISSION is to transform Indiana politics by empowering women to win House and Senate seats across the state.

And, through their legislative power, implement Indiana policies that support women, children, families, public education, and the environment.

We support candidates who support the Indiana Democratic Party Platform.


We are creating a political village of support to make Democratic women candidates stronger and more successful.

A political village provides a safe space network for Progressive Democratic Women in Indiana to share their successes and challenges. Together, we can be a force for change

We recruit and support women

Our Future

In April 2019, when this organization was born, electing 25 progressive women to the Indiana House and Senate seemed like a truly aspirational goal, but one that could energize Indiana’s political activists. Many women had run for the Indiana legislature in 2018. Seven progressive women were added to the twelve women incumbents. They were elected in districts that are primarily Democratic.

This year, more than 25 progressive women are running for the Indiana legislature against Republican incumbents. The challenge is greater, but the potential to change the political culture in Indiana is greater still.

The November election will only be the beginning of this journey toward change:

25 Women for 2020 will undoubtedly change its name, but it will be around for many years, continuing to build a network of Democratic women leaders, candidates, and elected officials who can turn the Democratic platform into laws governing the State of Indiana.

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